The Absolute Knowledge of Self Discovery

The absolute knowledge of self-discovery.

Each one of us is born with a vision: To create a better vision for those who will follow us. The pursuit of this vision goes through many milestones. The milestones of righteousness, self-analysis, acceptance, corrections, invention, and acknowledgment.

The journey begins with righteousness. We must first learn to know the difference between the right and the wrong. No one is perfect. Not even god. But, there are ways we can judge what can make us perfect. To be able to judge the difference between the perfect and the imperfect, we must know what to do to steer more towards the perfect. The outcome of the self-assumed task is the right and the wrong. The two flip sides of any self-assumed task, they are mutually dependent. One cannot exist without other. Do more of one in comparison to the other to move more towards perfection. Wrong is not wrong unless we do what is right. Moreover, wrong is just a state. So, that doesn’t mean a person or thing is wrong because that is what it is. Hence, being wrong doesn’t make you wrong; Doing wrong does. Do right.

The next milestone is of self-analysis. More rights and less of wrong do not make one perfect; they just steer one towards perfection. One must assess the actions, constantly, to avoid the recurrence of wrong. That is self-analysis. A constant Chakra (or circle) of calculating behavior. Calculate the actions, depending on the degree of severity of issues to take steps, and move ahead.

The next step is of acceptance. Inside, we are all the same. No one is bad by birth. Remember, for those who behave badly, the bad is their definition of good. But, they still have a definition for good. Accept that. You may not change who they are, but you will certainly change the way you look at them. Perhaps, mere acceptance might bring them to the crossroads of self-analysis. But, it is easier said.

Correction is the next step. We are dependent. Correcting our wrong will bring the change into others behaviors. Their corrections will inspire you to do more right. Get inspired and inspire others; learn with examples and lead by examples.

Invent. Evaluate for yourself. Correct wherever required. Bring good to others; keep doing good. Invent newer ways to bring good. Evolve continually.

Acknowledge. A collective growth brings us to the state of a collective consciousness. The consciousness that the intention of bringing more of good to others isn’t really an invention, but a discovery. It is only then we will come to know that absolute knowledge is no different from the actual one. The absolute knowledge is nothing but the acknowledgment of ourselves. The acknowledgment that we are self-discoverers for all our lives. The discovers who are in the pursuit of the collective perfection.

– Suyogsutra


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