The ‘If’ for the Else

If it were all sour but you,
For the world to see your might.
If they be all wrong but you,
For them to see you right.
If none believed but you,
For them to learn assurance.
If there remained no hope but you,
For them to experience perseverance.

If they all be naysayers but you,
To define boys different from men.
If they all were doom seekers but you,
To make the world your den.
If they could speak up for themselves, much like you,
To earn that feat of strength.
If they could be forgiving all mistakes, much like you,
To enable you to set a trend.

If they could keep their word like you,
For them to weigh the matter.
If they could make it look like you,
For them to keep from jabber.
If they be the one who be you,
To bring about the uniformity of change.
If they could lead like you,
To be what they see as the change.

If they could walk your path,
For you are amongst the chosen few.
They must do the needed,
To keep things tight until the last,
And do what’s long been due.
If you are what I say,
Make them keep from the nay,
Help them, too, walk that winning way.

Published by

Suyog Ketkar

He is a certified technical communicator. He believes that writing continues to be an easy-to-do-but-difficult-to-master job. In his work time, he proudly dons the “enabler” cape. In his non-work time, he dons many hats including one of a super-busy father.