What the Year Brought

As I step into another year, I look back at the top 3 things 2018 brought for me:


I once said that I don’t often versify. That all changed in 2018. I wrote not one or two, but more than 15 poems this year. My favorite ones are:

Longer Conversation Threads

The year was the most responsive for me, thus far. It was so, also because it triggered conversation threads. My site was received well by the readers—thanks to you, too. I could reach out to more people, more frequently. Although the conversation topics weren’t as verticalized as that of the yesteryears, I could get more people to read my posts. This means, everything in the post, starting from the title and the topic, are adjudged by the readers, who continue only if what I write interests them. This brings me to the next item on the list.


I updated the site’s pages to improve navigation, history of updates, a log of posts, and hyperlinks. This improved the reader engagement on the post. You are more likely (than years gone by) to come across links and references. Throughout the year, I worked on the readability of posts.

With this learning, I step into the new year. 😊

Wish you, too, a happy and prosperous year ahead.

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Suyog Ketkar

He is a certified technical communicator. He believes that writing continues to be an easy-to-do-but-difficult-to-master job. In his work time, he proudly dons the “enabler” cape. In his non-work time, he dons many hats including one of a super-busy father.