Working from Home: A Revelation

The outbreak of coronavirus has impacted millions of lives throughout the world. A lot of people and their lifestyles have experienced many changes, both big and small. For me, too, the outbreak has not only changed my place of work but a lot more than that. Yet, this post is far more than just a rant.

  • Given that my new workplace is only a room away, I reach the office on time.
  • My consumption of tea/coffee has reduced considerably.
  • I have become better at multi-tasking.
  • I get to choose what to suggest (and, sometimes, cook) for dinner.
  • We have an early lunch and an early dinner. Sometimes, we skip the dinner in favor of a relatively lighter meal.
  • I have begun experimenting with other hobbies, like writing, cooking, sketching. I even sit with my kid to draw and paint—her favorite hobby for this month.
  • We devote some more time to our families; We speak to our parents and relatives more often. We invest extra time with them to ensure that they are safe and sound.

The biggest revelation, however, is that it brought forth what years of married life could not: we stand by each-other. Ever since day one, it helped us rediscover, relive the feelings that became buried under a load of managing relationships, paying bills, and bringing up a kid.


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Suyog Ketkar

He is a certified technical communicator. He believes that writing continues to be an easy-to-do but difficult-to-master job. In his work time, he proudly dons the “enabler” cape. In his non-work time, he dons many hats including one of a super-busy father.