Here is a list of my books that are currently available on all major e-commerce websites.

Warmth of Words

March, 2022

This was a free-to-participate anthology, where the contributing authors were required to contribute just one poem. Since the participation was free, we were required to purchase a copy once the anthology was published.

I’ve bought my copy. To buy yours, please use the following Amazon link: Warmth of Words.

You could also find this anthology on the website of its publisher: The Wordings.

I’ve contributed one poem in it. You may find it on page 151. My poem is, quite aptly, titled The Mask and the Vaccine.

Concerned Hug

March, 2022

In I’m a Bird of Peace: Purity and Love, I contributed five poems.

The book released on Hug Day, which was on February 12, 2022. But, amidst the post-COVID challenges, it took a lot more than expected to be listed on Amazon.

Following a theme of love, all the content, some of which is blog posts, contains a common thread that figuratively weaves through the book.

My five poems, Don’t Question My Love for You, The Language of Love, Love is Everything, and The Cradle, follow the same theme of a concerned hug or of love.

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I’m Bird of Peace: Purity and Love

January, 2022

In I’m a Bird of Peace: Purity and Love, I contributed four poems.

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The first poem is Wandering Minds. I implore the wandering nature of mind through this poem.

The second poem is In Everyone and None. Through this poem, I try to find the One that is in all of us and none of us at the same time.

The third poem is The Journey Inwards. Through this poem, I travel to the world that continues to be mystery to us all: a journey inwards, that is.

The fourth poem is People of Colors. Through this poem, I use the symbolism of colors to show how people show their true colors.

Deccan Reveries

February, 2021

In 2020, the chosen few poets and writers from Pune came together to contribute their work (In English and Hindi languages) and create an anthology. Thus was born the Pune Poets Anthology. The curated form of it, called the Deccan Reveries: Pune PoetsAnthology, released on 9 February 2021 on Amazon.

I have two poems in the work. Please refer to page 54 and 55, titled Wait Until Dawn, O’ Muse and The Silent Wail.

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I have two poems in the Pune Poets Anthology.