Here is a list of my books that are currently available on all major e-commerce websites.

The Dogfight and the Lone Peacekeeper (2021)

In The Dogfight and the Lone Peacekeeper, I take you through engaging, action-filled events, while also telling the lilting love story of Shakuntala and Vasant Kale. Episodes of their love story are derived from the real-life events of my maternal grandparents.

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Wing Commander Vasant Kale is training Junior Officers for flight maneuvers, which are crucial for the Burma campaign of the British in the Second World War. In the run-up to the preparations, he notices some very unusual events in his squadron. One day, during his usual flight maneuvers, his Hurricane is downed. But he must survive, as the life of the Squadron is at stake; and his presence is a must for the Burma campaign to be successful. Does he survive the Dogfights? What will he do to save his fellow warriors? Can he be the lone peacekeeper amid dogfights?

The Write Stride (2017)

For a writer, who is passionate about not just what is writes but also how he does, the word “writing” itself is not enough; it is an experience that I have lived for all these years. The Write Stride – A Conversation with Your Writing Self is my attempt at conveying what it takes to communicate the correct message correctly. For such reasons, it is the Write stride.

They say that you must do what you love, otherwise you will have to love whatever you do. I have begun discovering the writer within me some time back. And the journey onwards, since then, has been interesting. I look forward to the future.

It is surprisingly difficult for a first-time author to talk about writing when it is his job and passion. Somehow, the book has continued to hold it strongly.