Pretty. Simple.

A StoryMirror submission: for those who may be aware, I published this poem on my blog a few years back. And, I could see that it holds true… stronger than ever before. So, I thought of sharing it with the StoryMirror team. And they liked it, as well.


So, to continue contributing to my creativity (and to my website), I’ve decided to participate in the #52WeekWritingChallenge, where I plan to contribute as many poems as I can. StoryMirror has been organizing the event for the last five years now.

As part of the challenge, the jury will provide a prompt for each week.

For this week, the prompt was a new year which is approaching and people’s thoughts and expectations on it.

Here is my submission for Week 11 (the link opens in a new tab).

You can participate, too.

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