The Delightful Life

Beholding the sunrise,
As I trace the ocean’s footprints on sands,
The drenched shore slips from under my feet,
Life becomes a delight.

Trailing through the woods,
As I listen to the rustling leaves that
Share with me the recitals of the Summer,
Life becomes a delight.

Humming that old song,
The forgotten lyrics of which
I happen to effortlessly sing,
Life becomes a delight.

Looking out of the window,
As I lull into thoughts that
Urge to kindle my imagination,
Life becomes a delight.

Weaving itself into a fabric of chronicles,
As the yarn of my words
Brings me to my self again,
Life becomes a delight.

Diving into the limitless love in those eyes,
As I happen to lose myself,
I happen to find myself, yes,
Life becomes a delight.
©Suyog Ketkar

The Wandering Cloud

Dressed mostly in black and white,
I am just another wandering cloud,
I am, sometimes, wild within,
And wild sometimes without.

I am that wandering cloud, my friend,
Who brought with it memories,
Some real, some inexistent.
For lovers and haters, alike
For adults and children, alike.
Making everyone feel empty yet content.

I am that wandering cloud,
Dear Sparrow, don’t worry;
For my poor existence is subject to a flurry.
When I shower blessings divine,
Really will the sprouts entwine
To offer a cushion to your babies
Helping them with cozy draperies.

I am that wandering cloud
O Soul, the resolute.
Beware, albeit
You can’t keep me under siege,
For I remain a roamer,
Acting upon my will.
A few things, like my soul,
Must only be felt with
And, not be dealt with.

But, above all,
I am that wandering cloud,
O Lord, for the hands that
Sowed in despair once,
Raise up to You,
Rejoicing upon my sight,
Thanking you and making merry.
The same hands had once
Attended to the days
That brought with them
Scorching heat and light.

I Melt Through My Eyes

When I see her drenched in vibrant dreams
Of togetherness, friendship, and love,
Her soft hands quivering like leaves in the breeze,
Her lips curved into a smile, her hair covering her eyes,
I confess I begin to melt through my eyes.

When I see the world
into the one divine soul
that is filled with love
Unconditional, beyond definitions
And the time itself,
I begin to flow through my eyes.
I confess I begin to melt through my eyes.

Ever since she spoke, her words –
Like honey is to the mouth,
Like cooing is to my ears –
Bless me with unfathomable bliss
that flows through me.
I confess I begin to melt through my eyes.

Day after day, I learn to live
Moments within each moment,
Relish the inexhaustible love,
Radiate festivity, while the worry,
For each of that worthy moment flies.
I confess I begin to melt through my eyes.

The ‘If’ for the Else

If it were all sour but you,
For the world to see your might.
If they be all wrong but you,
For them to see you right.
If none believed but you,
For them to learn assurance.
If there remained no hope but you,
For them to experience perseverance.

If they all be naysayers but you,
To define boys different from men.
If they all were doom seekers but you,
To make the world your den.
If they could speak up for themselves, much like you,
To earn that feat of strength.
If they could be forgiving all mistakes, much like you,
To enable you to set a trend.

If they could keep their word like you,
For them to weigh the matter.
If they could make it look like you,
For them to keep from jabber.
If they be the one who be you,
To bring about the uniformity of change.
If they could lead like you,
To be what they see as the change.

If they could walk your path,
For you are amongst the chosen few.
They must do the needed,
To keep things tight until the last,
And do what’s long been due.
If you are what I say,
Make them keep from the nay,
Help them, too, walk that winning way.

A Thought, I am.

With a heart brimming with sunshine,
An oath that’s full of belief,
A cup full of coffee and relief
I am all set to shine.

With answers to questions,
With purpose to assumptions,
From your thoughts to mine.
I am all set to shine.

Between wise and their wisdom,
From the words of the kingdom,
From a whole lot to a few some.
I am all set to shine.
In days and in nights,

Amongst the naive and the wise,
I belong to everyone, everyone’s mine.
Thought I am.
I am all set to shine.

I am Your Echo

I have this to say to my parents and gurus:

Flowing through the air are the glowing ashes of my smoldering.

If the smolders of karma be my destiny, then I am your echo.

Singing through the dark woods are the verses of this destiny.

To make this song of life melodious, I am your echo.

Dancing before my eyes are the glories of tomorrow,

If I am to attune to this rhythm, then I am your echo.

Gazing the horizon are the flights of fantasies

If I have your wings, then I am your echo.

I’m eyeing perfection but am set to fall and rise,

If I can learn from my mistakes, then I am your echo.

Raging inside my veins is the blood that calls for the undone.

If I can voice my dreams, then I am your echo.

© Suyog Ketkar